August 30, 2012

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Modern Warfare Soldier Comes Home

War never changes. Unless you download a patch.

New sketch by Adam Conover and I. It’ll make you make laughter noise out your laugh hole.

I don’t appreciate anything that parodies the men and women risking their lives in the armed services. But I can dig something that knocks Modern Warfare down a peg.

CoD took a direction that I didn’t like after MW2.
They’re getting churned out a ridiculous pace with lackluster results as the series progresses, like Medal of Honor before it. On top of that the stuff that passes as their DLC is outrageous, a lot of being things that should’ve been included in the game from the beginning as opposed to week 1 DLC.

Call of Duty went from standing itself apart from mindless shooters to becoming the poster child of mindless shooters.

That might seem like idealistic pining for halcyon days, but it’s true. At least Call of Duty up to MW1 had some semblance of respect for the harsh realities of war and violence. They threw that all out the window when they started portraying combat as a light-hearted gun-toting romp using celebrities like Kobe Bryant and Jonah Hill—really, Jonah Hill? It all but glamorizes war. It’s fine you know, when you’re shooting aliens, or taking down zombies. I can even understand historical shooters. It’s so far removed from what’s going on at the moment.

Shooters made a change over the past two decades from games where you could jump higher using a fucking rocket launcher to something disturbingly close to what is a terrifying reality for people in a destabilized region, soldiers and civilians alike. Now I can’t play any contemporary one without feeling violently ill. Maybe I’m just a touch too sensitive. It’s hard not to be though when MW3 has urban warfare in a major metropolitan center like New York. I cannot even comprehend how someone thought it okay to portray NYC with crumbling buildings, fires, and smoking craters. This coming from an American developer. 

If a Canadian one made a game with their Special Forces fighting in the streets of Toronto with the CN Tower blown half to hell in the background, would the Canadian people be outraged? Or maybe they’d line-up in droves just before midnight to be the first ones to grab it.

O ya, dis vid is hella funny, watch it!!!

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